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How do I view/see the PATH in a windows environment?

For those of you working with LINUX/UNIX and you've typed:

c:> echo $PATH a command line expecting to see everything in your path on startup and saw only 'PATH', don't fret!

type this instead:

c:> echo %path%


Why am I getting the "operation has been canceled" message in Outllook?

If you are getting the message... This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer ...whenever you try to click on a hyperlink in a mail message when you are in Outlook or in a Word document, it is primarily because your default web browser has a 3rd-party setting that doesn't work and play well with Office products. For example if you are using the FireFox web browser, try changing the default web application to be Internet Explorer. To do this, follow these steps: ......

Where Can I Find Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop is actually called mstsc.exe and can be found under: %SystemRoot%\system32  (Usually C:\Windows\system32.

Why does IE crash with this error "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime error"/"R6025 pure virtual function call" ?


There are several possibilities, however one of the most common reasons is the combination of Internet Explorer version 7 and the Google Desktop/Toolbar. For some reason, the plugin does not seem to be compatible. Try removing the Google Desktop and/or Toolar.


Why do I get the error "eznwupd.exe has stopped working" on bootup?

The eznwupd.exe program is an update program for the greater spyware program called eznorun.exe. To get rid of this menace, do the following: Go to c:\Program Files\ezn. Delete the directory. Empty the trash to actually remove it. Go to run at the start menu and type: regedit. Search for and remove all keys, values, etc. to eznorun.exe Go to to run at the start menu and type: msconfig. Go to the Startup tab. Delete the eznorum.exe entry. That should do it! You should no longer see this message appearing ......