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Why Silverlight is the future
This article was written by Rockford Lhotka several month ago. But, all the concepts are still relevant to day. This is just a great article.

Silverlight, and the reason it almost instantly gains traction in any conversation with clients, is that it is independent of Windows. They like the idea that it works across Windows versions without worrying that Microsoft will fix some Windows thing and break their app.

Silverlight gives the option of using .NET to run apps on the Mac.

Silverlight (with Mesh and Azure) represents a strategy very similar to Adobe's (but bigger), where a runtime may well make the browser and the Windows/Mac/Linux desktop irrelevant. At the same time, they've got WPF as a fall-back in case the core OS does remain important to the average consumer.

In short, I think Silverlight offers the power needed for smart client business apps, with the best deployment and navigation characteristics of the web. Sure, it needs to continue to grow and evolve (the search issue needs addressing for example), but I really think Silverlight represents the future of development for most of us.

Postes by: Rockford Lhotka

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This is a great posting I like the big picture idea but how will Silverlight stand up against Google's Chrome as and operating system over the web?
Left by David A. Melton on Dec 11, 2009 1:02 PM

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