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I am addicted to tutorials, tweaks, recipes, howtos--whatever you want to call them.  I can't learn enough new skills and tricks.  A whore I am.

I typically pass on the information I find to friends and family through email; however, it is obvious that a blog is the better media for such communications.  While I am often happy learning new tricks in my specialized computer life, I enjoy sharing more general information.  Analogy warning -- I would love to learn how to do surgery; however, learning how to keep my body sound and fit is more practical and interesting.  Learning new undocumented api tricks is nice, but most people would rather know how to keep spyware off their system.  Hopefully I can highlight general and guru level stuff...

Great thanks goes out to geekswithblogs for offering me this nice little space.  I have been grabbing the RSS feed for geekswithblogs for a while now... I feel comfortable hanging with you guys.

Couple “Hello World“ links for the first post?

Hello World In VB
Hello World In J2SE

Please feel free to leave comments, questions, and snide remarks.

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