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Since I am new on this block, introductions are in order. I often commit to little... because I do not have to. I am neither an agile pundit nor a traditional one, neither a Microsoft hater nor an advocate. I will annoy with my open mind - my willingness to list competing ideas as credible - so that I can align with the pieces I like, acknowledge the trade-offs that exist, the different viewpoints and the tools and ideas that might be harvested. [And some might say that I like to hear myself talk :-) ]

I am on the board of two professional organizations, and I hang with more... I probably spend time with a lot of people you could not have together in a room. But I have taken the stance that to be a great problem solver, you look for value everywhere... And I also think that seemingly poor technologies surprise us at times.

I live in Austin, Texas... a cool town for a lot of reasons... and a software town. There may be more software other places... but the mix of music, nature, experimental mindsets, political variety, along with the great market for what I do... make this a great place to be. I have written a fair amount of code, but I spend less time at it... What gets me excited - are leverage, ideas, results, teams, collaboration - synergy. I like to see about making magic possible - in a world that often puts up a fight. I hope you enjoy... and I hope you will throw your opinions, contrary or otherwise, into the mix.

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Welcome Jeff. I like your candid introduction. I have put your feed in my reader and hope to see more from you in the future. Good luck.
Left by Thom on Feb 10, 2007 9:22 PM

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Hi Jeff:

I'll second Thom's welcome.

You've got our attention.

Pour out some of your thoughts and let's get this party going.
Left by Robert Banghart on Feb 11, 2007 7:35 AM

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