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Steps to make a disaster back up:

  • Record which Web applications are associated with the SSPs

·         Perform a full back up of the SSPs.

·         Completely stop the farm by stopping the services associated with Office SharePoint Server 2007 and by stopping Internet Information Services (IIS).

·         Back up the following databases by using SQL Server 2005 tools:

o        Content databases

o        Central Administration content database

o        Configuration database

o        Windows SharePoint Services Help Search database

o        Back Up the SQL Server logins, fixed server roles, fixed database roles, and permissions for these databases

o        Backup System Databases

·         Start all services again

·         Back up a farm by using Central Administration (Office SharePoint Server 2007 or using STSADM command.

·         Backup the IIS Metabase

and document SSL Certificate, Host Header, IP address binding

 Backup C:\WINNT\assembly

  • Backup  %SYSTEMDRIVE%\%COMMONPROGRAMFILES% \Microsoft Shared\Web server extensions\12.0
  • Backup C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\Virtual Directories\...
  • Backup %SYSTEMDRIVE%\%COMMONPROGRAMFILES% \Microsoft Shared\Microsoft Office 12 Single Sign-on


The following needs to be documented

·         Application pool settings.

·         External service connection settings.

·         Alternate access mapping settings.

·         E-mail settings.

·         Recycle Bin settings and other Web application general settings.

·         A/V settings.

·         Usage analysis processing settings.

·         Diagnostic logging settings.

·         Content deployment settings.

·         Timer job settings.

·         HTML viewer settings.

·         Database names and locations.

·         Web application names and databases. Be sure to document the content database names associated with each Web application.

·         Activated features.

·         Default quota templates.

·         Blocked file types


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