What I'd like to see in the BizTalk 2004 Mapper (and Schema Editor) at my routine work


What I'd like to see in the BizTalk 2004 Mapper (and Schema Editor) at my routine work:

1.         Names of Source and Destination schemas (maybe on the heads of the Source and Dest panes). Usually I work with more then one maps in one project and I have the long map's names as "CompanyNDocumentBlahBlah_TO_CompanyKDocumentBlah2Blah2". These names don't fit into the tab fields and I have to look to the Property window. I always have meaningless the Headers with text "Source/Destination schema". Why don't put here useful information?

2.         Icons of the records. I'd like to see on them a visual representation of a property the "Max Occurs" = "unbounded". The works with unbounded records is pretty different then work with "one exemplar" records (different semantic, different functoids). Different view of the Unbounded records help to avoid the typical errors.

3.         Icons of the nodes. It was useful to use the different flavors of the icons where we can get different behavior of the nodes. (2. above for example). Different views of the fields help to avoid the typical errors.
Here is the list:

a)         "Max Occurs" = "unbounded"

b)        "Min Occurs" = "0"

c)        “include”, “import”

d)        “Optional”/”Required”

4.         Expression Editor??? In Orchestration Designer etc. It's so small, it can't be resized, and it can’t be “word-wrap-ed”. Why don't made it like usual window that I can change its size, dock it where I like etc.? Now I have to scroll it all time! "Booooriiiiing (H.Simpson)"

5.         Add special window for big values. BTS has many points where the big (or huge!) values pop-up. Examples: - XPath values of Properties in the Properties window - messages and errors in the Task List - long names of the different objects in the Orchestration designer ...
Now I hover cursor over and... do u like this tooltip? Or double-click and work in the specific window. Frequently I have to copy the value in Notepad and work with it. :((
If I could dock "Big values window" under Toolbox or Properties or somewhere else it would be great.
Frankly, I’d like to have "Big values window" like a standard part of VS.NET not only in the BTS environment.
When I work with Scripting functoids they all have the same face: in the Map editor - [S], in the Property windows - the absolutely equality values for all functoids. If I want to know more (and of course I want!) I have to open Properties/Script window.



Does somebody have any comments? It would be realy appreciated...


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