WCF: Questions for studying and interview: Discovery

Q&A: WCF, Discovery
·         When the WS-Discovery standard gets approval first time?
·         Is the WS-Discovery using the XML format for messages? 
·         Is the WS-Discovery using the SOAP format for messages? 
·         What are the versions of the WS_Discovery protocol?
·         What version is the default version?
·         What is a difference between the Add-hoc and Managed modes? What are the Pro and Cons?
·         Describe the message exchange sequences of the Discovery protocol.
·         What are the message exchange sequences in the Add-hoc and Managed modes?
·         Can the Add-hoc and Managed modes be switched dynamically?
·         What messages are multicast and what are unicast?
·         What is the Discovery Proxy service?
·         It there a default Discovery Proxy service?
·         What is the difference between the Probe and Resolve requests?
·         What are the response messages for the Probe and Resolve requests?
·         What are the response messages for the Probe and Resolve requests if there is no match?
·         Who sends the announcement message, service or client?
·         What announcement messages are used?
·         Is announcement using a Special endpoint?
·         Is announcement optional or mandatory?
·         How to make a Web-hosted service discoverable? What two options do we have? How AppFabric or Discovery Proxy service is used to help with it?
·         What is a FindCriteria class? What are the Search criteria?
·         How long a client is waiting the results from the discovery request?
·         What happens if a discovery request didn’t get you any service endpoint?
·         Can we use different versions together on a single service host?
·         What endpoints are used for the Discovery?
·         What is a difference between the DiscoveryEndpoint and the DynamicEndpoint? Do we have to use a DynamicEndpoint with a DiscoveryClient?
·         What Discovery endpoints are the system endpoints?
·         How to make a custom endpoint discoverable?
·         Why the UPD protocol is used for discovery? What pros and cons?
·         How to use the Discovery Client Channel? What are alternatives?
·         What are the pros and cons using the Discovery Client Channel?
·         How to create a DiscoveryEndpoint on demand?
·         Can you compare the WS-Discovery and the UDDI?


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