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SubMain have announced at that the next version of GhostDoc will include a VS2005/VS2008/VS2010 compatible spell checker.

This replaces their existing spellchecker (  which is being discontinued.

If you buy GhostDoc Pro now (I urge you to as it helps tremendously in documenting both C# and VB.NET code) , be sure to include Licence Protection as it means you will get the next version that includes the spell-checker free!

Why is a spell checker important?

By spell checking all your comments, you will make your documentation much easier to read. This means that instead of you being distracted by typographic errors, your mind will be free to see errors in what has been written.

Remember the next person that has to struggle to read your code could well be yourself! So be kind to your self. Do the following:

  • Document whole source files in VB.NET of C# with GhostDoc Pro
  • Run Stylecop and fix the issues it uncovers.
  • Run the spellchecker (when it is available)
  • Add remarks where necessary
  • Specify in the project to produce XML documentation
  • Compile the XML using Sandcastle to help files
  • Review the help files and ask yourself if the explanations are sufficient.

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Better yet, if you're still waiting for that "next release", get AtomineerUtils (similar to GhostDoc but much more powerful) :

and combine it with a free spell-check addin like this one:
Left by J Williams on Oct 23, 2011 8:29 PM

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