March 2010 Entries

Packing a DBF

I thought my days of dealing with DBFs as a "production data" source were over, but HA (no such luck). Here is a method of using the FoxPro ODBC driver to Pack a DBF file (removing deleted content from the repository).

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Calling An ASMX Web Service From Different Languages

Here are some examples of calling a particular ASMX Web Service from different languages.

Cross-language Extension Method Calling

In my last post, I showed how Extension methods can be created in the .NET 2.0 environment. In this post, I discuss calling the extensions from other dot net languages.

Extension Methods in Dot Net 2.0

Here is a short, simple method of harnessing Extension methods in Dot Net 2.0. Please read the linked article first.

Ruby-Like "times" method #ruby #csharp #linq #vb #cpp

Here's the implementation of the Ruby-like "times" method that executes a block of code (n) times.