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Just received the following email… It’s now official!


Hello bloggers, you are receiving this email to let you know that Geeks with Blogs ( has been acquired by my company, Watson Technology Group. Jeff Julian started the site in 2003 and since then him and John Alexander (AJI Software) have done a great job with the community. I am a long time friend of theirs and I was actually one of the first bloggers on the site in 2003. I am excited to take over the reins and I have a lot of plans to improve the blog platform and community. My goal is to make the site the #1 blogging site for all IT professionals. The site currently has over 3,000 bloggers and has received 75,000,000 website visitors over the last 5 years.

Some of the planned improvements in the coming months:

  • Overall look and feel upgrades to the site
  • Improve editor for blog postings including support for code formatting and uploading images
  • Mobile support and more responsive design templates
  • Improve community side of the site to drive more traffic between blogs
  • Highlight top articles and bloggers by redesigning the home page
  • ... and lots of other things.

One of the delicate balances I want to ensure is that each blogger can maintain their own identity and blog personality but at the same time be part of the community of bloggers. The community helps everyone receive more blog traffic and visibility. The blog templates need to be somewhere between Facebook and Myspace if you know what I mean.

Since this website is designed to be a community, I would love to have your feedback and hear your ideas. Please submit idea via UserVoice at or email at anytime.

For those who are interested to know more about me, here is a link to my LinkedIn profile and you can follow me on Twitter @mattwatson81.



Matt Watson

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