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Due to Visual WebGui cloud application platform, developers can now deploy their applications to Windows Azure with the click of a button with no re-writes or new programming skills needed.

“(now we can) quickly achieve what, a year ago, would have taken more people, more money, and a lot more time. It’s going to open up applications of sorts we’ve never seen before.”  The ease of using Visual WebGui was a key benefit.  Noted Naylor, “There was no learning curve with Visual WebGui. To a Windows developer, it is very natural, very drag-and-drop, and you don’t get bogged down in tables and style sheets and other HTML artifacts.”

Advanced Telemtric successfully built an enterprise application on Windows Azure with Visual WebGui.

Advanced Telemetry EcoView cloud application

Read the case study from Microsoft >

Visual WebGui cloud platforms offers the only push-button .NET desktop legacy application migration path to Windows Azure. “Visual WebGui offering is no doubt one of the most significance for enterprise cloud applications. We see the enormous interest it arises and we expect to lead enterprises to cloud migration.” said Navot Peled, Gizmox CEO. 

Cloud applications WYSIWYG development

Read the official Visual WebGui Press Release >

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