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I finally decided to write a post about attending PDC. There are so many great posts out there about PDC that do a great job of describing the overall experience. Bill Wagner has a great post on his blog, and so does Rick Strahl. The overall experience was really great and the quality of the sessions were very professional and the presenters did an excellent job in delivering the most information in the alloted time.There are still a bunch of sessions that I wish I could have personally attended and asked questions on but the overlap with some of the other sessions just made it impossible. I still need to watch some of the recordings when I have some time one of these days. I spoke with my manager who has kindly agreed to have a series of lunch video sessions covering some of the interesting sessions.Personally I was very much interested in all the Parallel Computing sessions and the new features coming in .NET 4.0 I also got myself copies of the following books (signed by the authors of course)
Getting a degree of familiarity with cloud computing was also on my check list.Although promising, I don't see the cloud computing paradigm catching up fast in regulated industries such as finance, moving core data sensitive applications to the cloud anytime soon. Nonethless it does provides an interesting programming model and has some really great architectural ideas. Max Feingold did an excellent session on how the Azure platform scales which I found interesting. Luca's session of F# was particulary interesting as well. Luca is very animated in his presentation style and its always engaging watching him present and or do channel 9 videos <G> F# looks very promising and I'd like to spend some time getting my brains around it sometime. On 2 occassions I was sitting close to the one and only Anders Hejlsberg and I was fortunate enough to have a quick chat with him after the "A Lap around Oslo" session. Anders is one of the nicest, down to earth people you could meet and he is really humble for some one so brilliant and talented. I had to ask to take a photo with him and he was kind enough to oblige <G>. So, here it is.
Anders and Me
Here is a bunch of PDC 2008 tagged photos on Flickr
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