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I went to a Forum on 10/4/2006. It was conducted by an organization called C-SPIN, and the presenter covered a topic about “Continuous Testing in an Agile Environment”. The presenter seems to have observed a tremendous success in her organization (Macrovision) by applying some type of Agile environment.


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QA involvement during Requirement Gathering and the Design

That is fine as long as it not too intrusive and disruptive. Considering the short duration of delivery phases with the rising popularity of agile and unified process, it will good to bring QA early on board.

No TDD. If it means no automated unit testing then it is totally a flawed concept. Even the worst critic of Agile/Unified Process, admits the importance and benefits of automated unit testing.

Semi-automated QA testing

100% automated QA may not be feasible considering the inherent complexity of software.
Left by Vikas Kerni on Oct 09, 2006 8:47 PM

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