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The theme for this TechEd is, of course, the launch of Exchange 2007, Vista and Office 2007. What is important is that under the covers MS are also launching .NET 3 (Aka WinF) - that is WCF, Windows Foundation, WPF and Cardspace. Yesterday MS creased the news that EVO would hit the streets for the first time on the 30th November. This release is for business and MSDN subscribers. For the PC buyer a voucher system is now in force for the general release in the New Year. PC builders are also being encouraged to offer Vista upgrade support from their webs - Acer has a very good example of this on their site.

Eric Rudder keynote key points

Office went to RTM yesterday

.Net 3 went to RTM and is available for download as is Office 2007 for VS 2005

A 10 year cold can pass C# Cert exams! - seriously girl from Pakistan qualified last year

Good demos particularly from Lee and Anders Hejlsberg. LinQ looks great. Onward to the rest of the day:

Connected Systems with Clemens Vasters and Agile Methodologies presentation finishing off with BPM overview and a 7PM finish!

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