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Tibi has delivered another round of intervenes with some of the presenters at PDC. Vittorio Bertocci, Sara Ford, Ted Malone, Brad Abrams, Ade Miller and Don Box shared their ideas on the latest and greatest technology, and also their visions of the future.
Tibi also interviewed Jon Flanders and Paula Januszkievicz at TechEd in Berlin.
The interviews are here.
Update: It seems there is a permissions issue with Azure Storage Tables at the moment, so you get an error when you try to view videos. Hopefuly this will be resolved soon.
Update: I've fixed the site, the issue was a data center migration making the tables read only, another late night ahead migrating the data and blobs. Life's a riot on the bleading edge :-)
Posted on Sunday, November 22, 2009 7:30 AM Oslo , Azure , WCF/WF | Back to top

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