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For those of you who may be teaching web design or programming to your students I'll be posting on what I'm doing with my students with ASP.NET aka WebMatrix as I'm working with my students this term.

I was teaching web design for ten years and realized that I have been teaching the same curriculum to my students. Web design has changed during that time which included css, dhtml, asp, etc but I wasn't teaching that to my students. After seeing ASP.NET three years ago I started to write some curriculum so that my high school students would be able to have an understanding of creating dynamic web pages. They learned about web services, creating database applications and mobile applications as well and were quite excited about their state of the art training.

For three years I used my curriculum and then I was part of a team that wrote some nice curriclum for Microsoft called Curlique Studio.

I decided to use some of my old webmatrix curriculum and Curlique with my students. I'll be starting this training next week and I'll blog about what's going on in class.

.NETU magazine wrote a nice story about what we are doing in this class.

I use dotnetnuke for my website and I teach web portals to my advanced web design students. I'll be doing some webcasts in January on this. Let me know if you're interested in viewing these webcast.

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