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Brian Scarbeau Insights from a seasoned Computer Science Trainer

I'm a high school computer science teacher that teaches programming, web design and digital imaging to interested students who want to learn at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando FL.

In addition to teaching for over 25 years, my career included working as Director of Educational Programs for the Printing Industry of New England, selling personal computers in a computer store (Apple, IBM, and Kaypro),  Director of Computer Services for a large CPA firm, Network Manager for a chain of Title Companies and Tech Coordinator for Orange County Public Schools.

I'm a proud member of the Faculty Advisory Board for Microsoft Corporation. I've had the opportunity to travel in many states and in Canada to train teachers on how to use Visual Basic and ASP in the class. I've written curriculum for Microsoft and had the opportunity to work on a team as the Technical Editor as well.

I have also received the very prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award from Microsoft.

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I love working with technology and teaching to adults, high school students and anyone else who wants to learn.

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