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The first day of teaching students with Webmatrix or Visual Web Developer is a very important one. I try to give my students an easy exercise to do after I demonstrate loading the software, creating a file, looking at the different views in the software, reviewing the toolbox and dragging controls to the design page, button events and then running the webserver etc.

This year for the first time I'll have my best students use Visual Web Developer and the other students Webmatrix. The lessons are written for Webmatrix and there are some differences in the instructions in Visual Web Developer so I wouldn't advise you doing this unless you are familiar with both products. I'm hoping that the Webmatrix curriculum will be rewritten for Visual Web Developer and I'll be able to use it next school year.

The biggest thing that I'm looking for with my students is basically who can follow instructions. I have twenty students in this class and it could get very chaotic if instructions aren't clear for them.

This is the lesson that they do. The students save on our network drive and it is very important for them to save the file in their own folder named webmatrix. It is also important for them to close the webserver after their file is loaded.

This lesson takes some students 30 minutes to 45 minutes to do.

BTW, these students are not my programming students but my web design students. I'm exposing them to web programming using visual and hopefully some will like to program and continue to take more programming courses we offer at our school.

I hope you can try working with your students with and have some fun learning with them. I did!


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