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Well, its been three days since I've had my web design class thanks to Hurricane Wilma so I'm hoping that my students remembered what we worked on the other day.

Day 2 is when I need to review the basics of putting controls on the design screen and then adding code to events. Some of my students will get bored because they already know what's going on and this review is for those who might have forgotten.

As we get going with these lessons I will always have my advanced students go ahead and work on lessons and complete them before others in the class. It's more work as a teacher to keep students motivated but it's beneficial to the students who are excited about learning new technology.

That way they can learn about mobile technology and more about web services. I don't mind finding work for them.

Most students can do 3 lessons during class time which is good. The lessons are fairly easy in the beginning.

Last note, make sure you view each students folder and make sure they have a folder named webmatrix then an images folder in webmatrix along with a folder called bin and downloads.

It's important for students to follow instructions but some do get confused and you need to check their work all the time.

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2005 10:58 AM Teaching with ASP.NET | Back to top

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