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Today was test day for lessons 1-3. At the end of each lesson, the students answer questions on that material and any other material I cover in class.

My students did a good job on the test with 80 being the average. Next week we'll have another test on lessons 4-6. The students are completing the task for lesson 5:

Demonstrate the ability to use ASP controls and event code.

You are creating a page to show a quote and the favorite song of Maktub fans. The data will be coded into the page. It does not change. At a future time you will write code to retrieve data from a database.

Open the web page template called 05_FanInfo that is supplied with all of your course files. It is an empty page except for the standard header information that appears on every page. From now on, you will always use a predefined template.

Create a fan information page that looks something like this:

I'll review the test tomorrow and then give some instruction on Lesson 6. Lesson 6 will dive more into the features of with a lesson on databinding and a review of state and postback. My non programming students will also learn about arrays which won't be a problem for them because they all know what a data type is so a group of related types will be interesting for them to learn. I hope so!

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