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This reminds me of the EF Hutton commercial when everyone stops what their doing and listens attentively when EF Hutton talks.

Here's the story:

On my way from school on Monday afternoon, I was travelling down the street at an intersection and the light was green and bam all of a sudden I find myself facing the same direction that I came. I drive a Toyota Tundra truck and the driver of the vehicle that struck me was driving a Honda. Needless to say, I was in shock that I got hit and that the impact was so strong that it spun my truck around. All parties were ok but my neck tightened up as I waited for the police to complete the report. There were two eye witnesses and the driver was given a ticket for going through a red light which is very common for drivers in Orlando FL.

My wife is an RN and she wanted my neck to get checked out so off we went in one direction to the hospital and my truck was being towed another direction to the Toyota dealership to get repaired.

As we waited and waited for 7 plus hours in the ER, I was finally seen by the doctor. The doctor who checked out my neck wanted to know what I did and I told him that I was a CS teacher and that I also was on the FAB for Microsoft and wrote some curriculum and trained high school teachers for them as well.

The doctor was very much interested in talking about Microsoft stock which he owned and noticed the price going up recently. I spoke to him about the announcement of the new .NET products this week which probably caused that and I started to talk about VISTA.

As I was talking, the man who was lying aside in the next bed from me opened the curtain and excused himself and wanted to know more about VISTA. It was kind of wierd talking geek to him because he was suffering chest pain and I had neck problems. He was much interested and I was concerned about getting this guy too excited and me being responsible for his condition.

This is why this reminded me of the EF Hutton commercial. When I started talking about Microsoft there were others listening to what I had to say even in the ER at a hospital!

To sum up, I'm ok with some tightness in my neck and back to work today after a day of icing the neck.

Just wonder what's going to happen to Microsoft stock when Vista is finally released is what's on my mind now.


Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 5:25 AM | Back to top

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