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Tomorrow I'll be introducing databases to my students. This will be the first time for all of them to learn this and several of my students have already created a database and tables with Webmatrix and they told me that it was easy to learn. There is a great deal of new terminology that they need to learn. Words like record, field, table will be new.

This is the database that they will create:

BandDatabase Database

For some of the future site features we will create, you will use the BandDatabase.mdb that you copied into your C:\WebMatrix directory. It is an Access database that has been populated with data. It has the following tables:

  •  Albums
  •  AlbumTracks
  •  ArtistJournal
  •  Artists
  •  FanJournal (defined but empty of data)
  •  Fans (you will define and add records to this table)
  •  Tours

I'm hoping that my students realize how important it is for a database to be accurate and how important a database is to run a business.

Future lessons will use webcontrols to view the database and then they will create search buttons as well.

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