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Today there are 24 high schools and 11 teams competing at the 9th Annual Stetson University ACM Programming Competition in Deland, FL. There are schools from around the state from as far as Miami and Sarasota. Deland is near Daytona Beach, FL.

I have been coming to this competition since 1999 and I'm always impressed with the Stetson University students running the show. I'm equally impressed with the dedicated high school students who had to wake up early on a Saturday morning to compete at this competition.  I'm also impressed with their dedicated teachers who made the plans for them to come. The prizes for the winners include computers and scholarships to Stetson. Stetson is very generous to all students because they will all receive some scholarship money for competing. Every programming student will get to choose a prize at the end of the day which includes games, memory sticks, cd's etc. Most of all, the students get to compete for school pride just like the athletic teams in my opinion.

These high school students are smart and will work on a team of three to solve various programming problems. The 2002 problems can be found here if you want to take a look. Depending on the degree of difficulty will determine the number of points they will get for successfully completing the program and submitting properly to the judges.

The students can choose either JAVA or C# to use in the competition. Team work is a must to win in this competition. Lake Highland Preparatory School has one team here competing a senior, junior and sophomore. Although they did not win the top prize today, they were winners for coming and competing!


Alex, Zach, and Tarun getting ready to compete!

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