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Brian Scarbeau Insights from a seasoned Computer Science Trainer

Several years ago, my computer science students placed third at a local computer programming contest. They won a trophy along with a computer for the school to use as part of their prize. I beefed up the memory on the pc and turned it into a server for my  dotnetnuke website and for student work as well.

The server served its purpose and this month the computer science department purchased a new server because the old server was getting too slow for us to use. I had no idea how long it would take to transfer what was needed from the old server to the new server. John Kellgren is a local developer for dotnetnuke and he's helped me in the past so I contacted him on what I need to do to transfer my sql and dotnetnuke files over to the new server.

All that was needed to do was to install windows 2003 server, sql enterprise manager on the new server.  After backing up the dotnetnuke database on the old server and then creating the database and users on the new server it was a simple restore. Copying the old dotnetnuke files to the new server and creating the virtual directory for where dotnetnuke was on the drive was easy.

The only problem that we ran into was that the dotnetnuke database required an NT Administrator as an owner of the database. My senior student remembered that when we tried to run dotnetnuke and we got that as an error.

So all in all, this was a great learning experience for my students.


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