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A teacher asked me about wikipedia's and are they good for student research. It's very difficult for high school students to know if the research they are reading is good or bad. That's why several teachers only accept the internet as one resource on a paper and do require students to still visit the library.

I have read several wikipedia's and learned a great deal , however,  I'm not sure if the facts that were stated were accurate. More importantly is the background of the author and do they have the necessary credentials and knowledge to be writing about that topic and adding to an ongoing widipedia.

I think its great for open community to share information but I'm not sure if high school students can pick out good information vs bad. So my answer to this teacher was no for these reasons.

I tell my students in class to visit sites that have an .edu on them and talk to their teacher first before they write about something that they see on the internet.

So, are widipedia's good or bad?

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 7:26 AM | Back to top

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