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Laura Turner from THE JOURNAL put together a nice list of technologies that present day teachers should know. As we all know, technology in the past 15 years has changed rapidly and Laura put together some nice links to check out for teachers to learn more about technologies that they don't know.

Here's the list:

Here are 20 basic technology skills that all educators should now have:

  1. Word Processing Skills
  2. Spreadsheets Skills
  3. Database Skills
  4. Electronic Presentation Skills
  5. Web Navigation Skills
  6. Web Site Design Skills
  7. E-Mail Management Skills
  8. Digital Cameras
  9. Computer Network Knowledge Applicable to your School System
  10. File Management & Windows Explorer Skills
  11. Downloading Software From the Web (Knowledge including eBooks)
  12. Installing Computer Software onto a Computer System
  13. WebCT or Blackboard Teaching Skills
  14. Videoconferencing skills
  15. Computer-Related Storage Devices (Knowledge: disks, CDs, USB drives, zip disks, DVDs, etc.)
  16. Scanner Knowledge
  17. Knowledge of PDAs
  18. Deep Web Knowledge
  19. Educational Copyright Knowledge
  20. Computer Security Knowledge

I put together a survey on survey monkey and asked our 51 upper school teachers at Lake Highland Preparatory School to take. I'll share the results on a later blog. I'll also share the changes that our school has made in past years regarding educational technology.

What technologies do you think teachers now know or don't know? Is this list accurate? If not, what would you include or take out?

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