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Well I thought I'd share the results of the 20 teachers who responded to my poll about their technology skills. Here's some background about our school at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando FL as far as technology tools that teachers use. First of all, every teacher has a computer in the class to use for classroom management which incudes e-mail,internet access, attendance reporting, and grading. Most teachers have their computers attached to a smartboard  which allows them to project on the wall and use drawing tools to write on the smartboard and save it if they want and print out the lesson or put it on their homework site.

In addition, teachers can use a vacant lab in the library to bring their class for research. Our library has wireless laptops for students and faculty to use if needed.

Our school is dedicated to using technology in the class. The upper school purchased 20 wireless laptops that are on a mobile cart and the Math Department is able to share them with each different class during the week. For several years now, our Science Department has used laptops in their class.  New wireless access points are being created around the campus when needed.

Faculty have opportunities to learn more but of course time or lack of time is the main problem they don't learn more about the new technology that could help them and their students in class.

Here's the results of the survey:

Word Processing Skills 100%

Spreadsheets Skills 95%

Database Skills 60 %

Electronic Presentation Skills 85%

Web Navigation Skills 95%

Web Site Design Skills 35%

E-Mail Management Skills 90%

Digital Cameras 80%

Computer Network Knowledge 55%

File Management and Windows 90%

Downloading Software 65%

Installing Software 75%

WebCT or Blackboard Teaching Skills 30%

Videoconferencing skills 5%

Computer Related Storage 85%

Scanner Knowledge 60%

Knowledge of PDA 30%

Deep Web Knowledge 30%

Copyright Knowledge 55%

Security Knowledge 30%

One could argue whether it's necessary for all teachers to know all these areas but as far as the basic technology skills required to work as a teacher at our school most of our teachers have them.

This survey has given us a starting point of what teachers know or don't know and if teachers want to learn more there is a good Technology Department here at school that can help.


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