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Brian Scarbeau Insights from a seasoned Computer Science Trainer

Everyone knows what the criteria is to get in to a good college. High gpa, high SAT scores, active in high school, community service hours etc. However, there is no documentation that I have found that will list the technology skills that are required for high school students to be successful in college. In addition, high school students have no clue as to what technology will be used in their college classes. I know that it depends on the students major and the college that they choose to go to as far as what they will be using with technology.

At one time, high school students needed to know word processing, internet research, and powerpoint to be successful in college. Lots have changed with technology and several professors are now using web products like Blackboard to communicate with their students.  Some classes are using hand held devices and when a professor asks a question the instructor gets feedback as to whether or not the students are understanding his/her lecture. In addition, libraries at universities have all kinds of computers to use for research.

With these thoughts in mind, our school will be having our 3rd annual technology night this Thursday and representatives from four local colleges/universities will be talking about these topics with our students, faculty and parents.

In addition, Brandon McMillon from Microsoft will talk about Internet Safety.

I look forward to sharing what we all learned so our high school students will be better prepared. Maybe they already are!


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