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This week my students learned how to create main pages and child pages. In addition, they learned how to add modules on each page. They loaded third party modules that don't come with dotnentuke as well. They are building a high school web portal for Comp Sci High. We have encountered some changes in the modules that come with the newer version of dotnetnuke that were not in the older version of the portal open source software. For example, there use to be a discussion module and now there is a forum module. Quite frankly, the forum module is quite impressive and we were able to just adapt the learning to this newer module. Also, the image module that was in the previous version of dotnetnuke is now called the media module. It should take my students another couple of days to build the high school portal with the required pages and modules. After that, they will learn how to create their own modules using Visual Web Developer Express. Some observations... There are some students who are extremely quick at following directions and have moved ahead of the class. I encourage this so long as they are learning along the way and not just rushing to get things done. There are students who need extra time to figure things out on their own and may require some additional help. In any event, my students are learning how to create a portal using dotnetnuke. I look forward to teaching them how to create their own modules and place them on their page. Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2006 10:44 AM Teaching with ASP.NET , DotNetNuke , Teaching AP CS | Back to top

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