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Yesterday I lectured to my web design students about web programming with Visual Web Developer and Visual Basic .NET.  None of these students have ever programmed a computer to do anything before this class. I emphasize that point because I firmly believe that all students should be exposed to programming during their academic life to fully appreciate how the technology they use on a day to day basis was created.

The students were using Visual Web Developer with the creation of the Comps Sci High dotnetnuke web portal project that we were working on. I had them create a new website to put all their new files in.

I demonstrated a very simple application by dragging a label and a button on the design screen and double clicked on the button and keyed  Label1.Text = DateTime.Now  We then talked about what was going to happen when this was executed in the web browser and from the description of the code the students had an idea what was going to happen. We then talked about how easy it was to just time this information with any problem to have the library files with the built in methods do all the work to retrieve the date and time.

Students need to know that you don't have to be geeky to program. I then demonstrated some of the material that I have used in the past to train high school teachers how to teach their students about web programming. These are the assignments that they will be working on this week.

There are a few of my students who have already completed some of these assignments and I'll use them as helpers when the entire class is working on those assignments. When my students are finished with programming these assignments we will then continue our learning about creating modules within the dotnetnuke environment.

Stay tuned....

Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 6:49 AM Teaching with ASP.NET , DotNetNuke , Teaching AP CS | Back to top

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