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Want to promote your business in space? Or just have your name fly by the planets? Well, you can sign up at this site and in 2010 watch the spacecraft launch into orbit with your name or logo on it just like the NASCAR cars. On the website they claim that we’re a group of students at MIT and Georgia Tech, looking for ways to share the excitement of space exploration with the world AND launch our spacecraft at the same time. We’re here to offer you a tax-deductible way to share your message or inspiration with the world, or surprise a loved one with a unique and memorable gift.

Price per centimeter:

Zone Name Intro Bronze Silver Gold Location Description Solar Panels, Underside Heat- shield Side Panels Heat- shield Side Panels Heat- shield (Sun- pointing) Reentry Subzone Code I B2 B1 S2 S1 G2 G1 Location Graphic (click for larger image) Into Zone Bronze Zone 2 Bronze Zone 1 Silver Zone 2 Silver Zone 1 Gold Zone 2 Gold Zone 1 Content imaged in space with the Earth visible in the background Only imaged before launch Obliquely but by 2 cameras At 45° to two cameras Best images Best images Only imaged before launch Only imaged before launch Return option: your identity on space hardware YES Per square centimeter $35 $100 $125 $150 $200 $225 $250

They have several corporate and university sponsors already.

What a great way for the students to get their project off the ground! Good luck!

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