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Brian Scarbeau Insights from a seasoned Computer Science Trainer
I'm planning on taking 25 programming students to the Microsoft America Launch Event that will be coming to Orlando, FL on Thursday, January 25th. It's just a coincindence that our school is sponsoring our annual technology night that evening so it will be a busy day indeed! Several years ago, I took my AP students to an evening event that Microsoft sponsored which was on mobile commuting and the students enjoyed it a great deal so I made my decision to take them to this event as soon as I heard about it. Roseann Krane who is a retired computer science teacher from San Francisco use to take her students to Microsoft events all the time and she use to tell me how beneficial they were to her students so that was why I started to take my students and Roseann was right. My students learned a great deal and we spent the entire class time next day talking about what the students learned. Sometimes it's worth taking a time out from programming and talk about real world computer science that is going on. I look forward to this event and encourage other computer science teachers to go. You can find more information at this link. Posted on Thursday, December 14, 2006 6:46 AM Teaching with ASP.NET , Teaching AP CS | Back to top

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