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Well, lets start with the weather. Some of the participants are complaining that its hot. Well this is Florida and it is hot! Of course I'm use to it and I golf in the early afternoon when the course is empty.  It takes getting use to and hopefully the afternoon rains will come by and cool things off.

If you're interested in logistics then there is a nice video to see how they put tech ed together.  The events planners do an excellent job registering, feeding, moving 13000 geeks.

I ran into Brian Keller from Microsoft in the Blue section yesterday. Brian was the key to getting the J# team to develop the Marine Biology case study for high school teachers to use.  Things change quickly and Brian has a new job and the case study has changes along with JAVA so that J# is no longer used.  Brian is a University of Florida graduate and we talked about the UF basketball coach Billy Donovan and how he flip flopped about taking the Orlando Magic coaching job and then didn't want it. Money isn't everything, I guess!

Weather for today is hot so dress cool!


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