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All of my students went on a field trip today to visit the Orlando Science Center and participate in workshops that instructors from the Full Sail School in Winter Park, FL put on.  The Instructors were extremely knowledgeable and had a great deal of patience answering questions from teenagers. The Science Center sponsored Otronicon over the weekend and the field trips were part of it. One workshop was on 3d modeling with Maya software and the other was on designing games using FPS Creator.

Students in all my classes this semester are required to create a game in their learning. My Honors Programming I class will create a game using Alice software. The Honors Programming II class uses C# and XNA.  The Web Design class will create a game using Flash and my AP class will create a pong game in JAVA. The students are very motivated to learn how to do this.

There were several exhibits for students to view at the Science Center after the workshops. Some were part of the Otronicon show and some were part of the Science Center exhibits. The most popular for the students was Guitar Hero, the video games, and the flight simulators that they could work on.

Here are some pictures:


class 001   class 004

class 005 class 014


class 012 class 006

All in all, it was a fun day for them and their teacher.

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