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Over at the creators club site is an online video tutorial entitled Beginner's Guide to XNA Game Studio Express that is new and will teach you how to create a 2d and 3d game. Charles Cox, a Developer Educator from Microsoft does an outstanding job at explaining how to code these two games.

In addition, he reviews the hardware and operating system requirements of being able to run XNA  Game Studio Express and how to install as well. What I liked was part of the Introduction steps you through how to join the XNA Creators Club, how to generate a connection key, and how to enter the key in XNA Game Studio Express. Unfortunately, the video was for the 1.0 Refresh version so if you're trying to connect your xbox to the newer version the instructions you've learned from the video won't work.  You can go here to connect your xbox to your pc with 2.0 version of XNA Game Studio Express.

In the 2d game, you create a canon game where you shoot spaceships that run across your screen. Charles will walk you through how to create a project, load assets, create a Texture2D, Load Using ContentManager.Load, Call SpriteBatch.Draw, Create a Game Object, Change the rotation angle, Call the SpriteBatch.Draw with Rotation, Expand the Game Object Class and fill the game object array, input to fire cannonballs, collision, enemy ships, fonts, keep score, and deploy to your xbox to play.

All of the source code for each lesson is available for you to check your work. I had plans for my students to use this video tutorial after the introduction to xna that they will be working on.

All in all, this video tutorial is worth taking a look at. Just be patient for your video to load depending on your connection speed.


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