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Today in class, I shared with my students a video that Logan and Buzz did in their XNA online Programming class located at The training was excellent preparation for me to be able to teach my students game programing.

My students have learned how to program in C# ,the basic concepts of decision making, repetition etc.  and needed to see how all of this applies to game play so the Bouncing X video was needed at this time.

There are 2 class files that are created in this application. One holds information about a Box and the other is the program where the objects get created and methods get used.

There are 3 methods that are created.

Draw()- Draws character to the screen.

Update() Moves the position

CheckWallCollision() Checks to see if the vertical or horizontal side is hit.


This exercise was  a good one for my students to see how powerful OOP is when you can utilize existing methods in code. My students learn a great deal from the automatic Intellisense that is provided when using the Microsoft IDE.

Slowly, my students are learning important concepts before their training in XNA.

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