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Over at  the Community Credit website, there are over 8000 geeks who participate in a monthly geek prize for their contribution to the development community. Last month, I happen to place 5th and won a one of a kind 4 hub tape dispenser.

David Silverlight who runs this site is very fair on who wins these geeky prizes from month to month so he throws you the curve on points if you are a current winner which keeps the contest fair for others to win. My curve is at 85% and expires at the end of March. So if I continue to add to the community during that time, I'll only get 15% credit for my efforts. WHO CARES is what I say It's a fun competition, I guess, amongst geeks.

This month, I'm rooting for my travel friend to the MVP Summit, Shawn Weisfeld who currently has (14500) points. Shawn organizes the Orlando Code Camp and is in charge of the local INETA group.

Here's my prize:

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