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At my local Starbucks, they have  2 tip jars and they often times have you select who you like. Obama vs Clinton, Dogs vs Cats, Microsoft vs Yahoo. With the recent discussions of Microsoft offering Yahoo a ton of money to try to compete with Google  I was just wondering has anyone else been following this month long development that quickly ended on Saturday with Microsoft backing out on offering Yahoo any more money for the company.

When I was at the Microsoft Summit a couple of weeks ago, I was asking Microsoft employees what they thought of the deal and the people I talked to all agreed that Microsoft was offering way too much money for a company that they thought would not offer much value to the future of Microsoft. Maybe Steve Ballmer, CEO, of Microsoft was listening when this sudden loss of interest took place on Saturday.

Online advertising is where its at with Internet businesses and it should be interesting as to who will be the next company that interests Microsoft.  AOL, MYSPACE, who knows.

Does anyone care? The media certainly does, the stockholders do, employees do. Anyone else?   Thoughts on this?

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