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Dan Waters , Academic Relations Manager from Microsoft Corporation, took the time out of his busy schedule to drive to Orlando today to speak to my XNA Programming Students about the new XNA Game Development Framework 3.0 that enables you to program games for the ZUNE.

My students have been learning C# and XNA for this semester and are finishing up on their game development. Dan had the opportunity to answer student questions on Game State and he viewed the students games and made comments on each one.

The game play on the ZUNE uses much of what the students already know and only have to deal with the smaller screen size for game play. Unfortunately our students have 2 weeks left of school left and won't be able to play around with the new version. Plus the fact that it not available yet.

Here's some pictures of everyone:

Dan Waters working on his laptop.

Paige 010

Paras checking out the ZUNE game.



Future XNA Game Developers

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