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I arrived in South Florida Friday night after a long drive from Orlando, FL. More specifically it was Friday night traffic, left later than I wanted to, got lost, drove 230 miles, but arrived safely.  Got a good night sleep and woke up early today for my presentation at the South Florida Code Camp.

Will Strohl, ODUG President, arrived early to setup his video equipment to live stream the DotNetNuke track. You should be able to see all the presentations soon on the ODUG site.  Will is super energetic and quite frankly I wonder what his caffeine intact is. it was great to see the other authors of the Wrox DotNetNuke 5 book. We all agreed that it was GREAT that the book was completed and ready to be sold.

My session was an overview of DotNetNuke and the changes in the newer version 5.0. Although it was early, the audience was awake, attentive and asked lots of questions in the end. The audience for DotNetNuke has grown in recent years at Code Camps. Remember, all the speakers are competing for an audience and although over 700 had registered for the event you never know how many will walk in the room.

Devry Institute had a wonderful facility. The overhead projector worked and there was no problem at all with any equipment failure which is the biggest fear for a speaker. That and doing a live demo and praying everything works.

Many in the audience had not seen the newer version of DotNetNuke and seemed impressed with the changes along with the new skin look that included widgets.

Dave Norderer and his crew did a great job organizing the event.


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