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Wow, time flies! I can't believe the 4th Orlando Code Camp is coming up next month at the Seminole Community College in Sanford, FL. To be specific, it is on Saturday, March 28th.

This is a free event and there are 54 sessions with 38 speakers so far. DotNetNuke sessions will be in full force. Here they are:


DotNetNuke 5 Module Development
by Stan Schultes + Show Description

Stan Schultes will begin with a quick technical overview of DotNetNuke, and a discussion of why you might build a custom DNN module. Demos will include how to install the DNN portal on a development machine, and how to install a custom module into the portal. Then we'll dive into setting up Visual Studio 2008 for module development and demonstrate how to install a module source package and run it in design mode. Finally, we'll walk through the process of developing a custom module using the sample module to provide details, and we'll see some development tips & tricks along the way. This is a 300-level session - some experience with DotNetNuke will be assumed.

Pure CSS DotNetNuke 5 Skinning
by Ryan Morgan + Show Description

Ryan Morgan, co-author of the upcoming Professional DotNetNuke 5 book by Wrox shows us how to create skins using "Pure CSS" techniques. In this session, Ryan will demonstrate advanced skinning techniques in DotNetNuke 5. The session covers writing valid and clean code with XHTML, the new Super Stylesheets in DNN 5 that give a starting point for pure CSS skinning, using the new object token format and considerations for making search engine optimized skins. If there's time at the end, we will also review a few of Ryan's favorite client side widgets that come with the new version of the framework.

Advanced DotNetNuke 5 Management
by Tracy Wittenkeller + Show Description

Tracy Wittenkeller, author of the DotNetNuke Websites Problem Design Solution book by Wrox show us how to manage a DotNetNuke website, highlighting the new features in DotNetNuke 5. The newest version of DNN is packed with new features and ways that DNN can be managed.

DotNetNuke 5 Widgets
by Will Strohl + Show Description

Will Strohl, contributing Technical Editor of Professional DotNetNuke 5 by Wrox gives an overview and functional demonstration of what widgets are included in DotNetNuke 5, and how to work with them. Afterwards, you will learn how to create and install your very own widgets using DotNetNuke 5.

Introduction to DotNetNuke 5 & Overview
by Brian Scarbeau + Show Description

Brian Scarbeau, co-author of the upcoming Professional DotNetNuke 5 book by Wrox gives an overview of DotNetNuke 5. This session will review an Introduction to DotNetNuke and some of the new features that comes with DNN 5. Learn how to install DNN and learn how to create pages and put modules on your pages. Learn how to get free skins and modules for your site. Finally, learn how to create your own module using Open-Smart Module.

DotNetNuke 5 Architecture and API's
by Darrell Hardy + Show Description

I've been speaking at Code Camps for several years now and I remember I was the only speaker doing a session on DotNetNuke. Now, there are two MVP's, five DotNetNuke book authors and one DotNetNuke technical editor. It can't get any better than that.

I hope to see you there.

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