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Coming Friday, June 20th in Downers Grove, IL

The Magenic Technology Summit is a full day of Magenic-provided training. We have lined up an impressive array of speakers and topics in two tracks, .NET development and Microsoft servers. And we have lined up two keynotes.

Our first keynote speaker is Jay Schmelzer, who is the Group Program Manager for RAD tools. This basically means he runs the teams for all the Visual Studio designers and related RAD tools. He’s an excellent speaker and should provide some great insight into the present and future of RAD development tools from Microsoft.

Our second keynote speaker is Rockford Lhotka, Magenic’s Technology Evangelist and the creator of the very popular CSLA .NET development framework.

But more importantly, we have two tracks of in-depth technical content straight from the experts at Magenic. Topics covering the present and future of .NET development and key Microsoft server products.


Development Track Sessions

Writing Better Code
It’s one thing to write code that will do the job in the short-term; it’s another challenge to write code that can stand the test of time. In this session, Jason Bock will show you how you can use tools and features in VS 2008 (e.g. unit testing, CodeAnalysis, Code Coverage, etc.) to assist you in making your code maintainable over time, easy to understand, and resilient to defects.

Test Driven Development with ASP.NET MVC Framework
Building better AJAX web sites! In this session, Nermin Dibek will disprove two myths: 1) It is nearly impossible to build a Test Driven Web in ASP.NET, and 2) Building custom Ajax implementations is too hard in ASP.NET.

Super-Optimized Microsoft LINQ: Indexed Objects
In this session, Aaron Erickson will go into how developers can use indexing techniques to allow for “constant-time” queries using LINQ to Objects. The session will cover both case studies of where this technique is used in technologies such as the i4o open source project and CSLA, as well as examples of how developers can implement the technique in their own custom collections.

User Experience and Better Designer Developer Collaboration
Anthony Handley will discuss the importance of good user experience design and how tool and technologies like WPF, Silverlight and Expression Blend are helping designers collaborate better with developers.


Server Track Sessions

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Branding
The first thing everyone wants to do to their SharePoint installation is make it not look like SharePoint. There are many levels to SharePoint branding and the deeper you go, the more work it is. In this session Michael Cummings will cover the various ways of branding SharePoint from the “I don’t know HTML” level to the “I eat C# code for breakfast” level and also show you some areas to avoid when branding and better methods of accomplishing your goal.

Dynamic Management Views Will Save Your Life
Do you ever wish you could get an X-Ray view of your sluggish SQL Server? Take the guesswork out of troubleshooting database issues by utilizing the data collected in Dynamic Management Views. In this session, Whitney Weaver will show you the tools implemented in SQL Server 2005 that give you extraordinary view into the health and well being of your database instance. Code samples will be presented around query performance, I/O utilization, index usage, and more.

Really…what is Team Foundation Server?
Team Foundation Server (TFS) has been out on the market for a couple years and there is still more confusion about it, what it does and who can benefit from it. In this session Scott Wylie will show how each member of your team, project and company can use and benefit from TFS and how it can make life much simpler when it comes to all application lifecycle tasks.

RFID: The future is now
In the movie Minority Report, we were shown a glimpse of what the future might bring. Well that future is now. With the release of BizTalk 2006 R2, we were given a powerful new tool and technology. In this session, Shawn Doty will give an overview of what RFID is, how to implement it, and how it is used.


An event like this doesn’t come along every day, and shouldn’t be missed!



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