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Iowa Code Camp was pretty terrific. Everything went without a hitch, all the sessions went well and a lot of folks went away with some good stuff.

My XNA session went well and got some really good questions. The room was mostly full and there were even a few Magenic folks in there.
After the Code Camp, we walked over to the dinner, which was nice. Excellent turnout for dinner and many MANY drinks were purchased and consumed. Played some pool and socialized for a few hours before the crowd starting thinning out.

After dinner, a few of us walked around the "bar district," drank more and hit a few tattoo places (all 3 were closed), drank more, got some pizza slices, drank more, shot some pool, drank more, etc...

Eventually I'd had enough and headed back to the hotel. Never did get to see Iron Man, but I'll probably catch that Sunday afternoon/evening.  Heading out in the morning back to the Twin Cities.

Looking forward to the next event. Posted on Sunday, May 4, 2008 1:45 AM General Interest | Back to top

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