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Wanted: Killer apps!  Reward: $12,000 prize!

Spread the word—there’s a contest for developers blazing trails with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio, Windows, Windows Server, Windows Azure, SQL Server, or SharePoint.
We’re looking for interesting, powerful and unique solutions based on the latest Microsoft technologies.
And the winners get their choice of a 15 day Galapagos Islands Adventure or a new Smart Car!
Two ways to win!

Judges Choice: Impress the panel of technology industry leaders and Microsoft gurus for the trip, the car, a home entertainment system or an internet tablet PC.
People’s Choice: Get friends, family and colleagues to vote for your solution. Receive the most votes and win one of three ARCHOS 320 GB Media Internet Tablet PCs.
Our current campaign site ‘Expect the Unexpected’ features some unique developers and their amazing solutions. Check them out at
But we’re looking for more great solutions!!! Have you used .NET Framework to create an amazing app?  Are you doing remarkable work in the market with a solution built with Microsoft dev tools?  Give us the details and you could win a prize worth US$12,000. The contest launches Wednesday, November 4th so submit your story at and spread the word!


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# re: Wanted: Killer apps! Reward: $12,000 prize!
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the site says that these are the winners.

But did they award anything to the winners
Left by Hima on Jul 19, 2010 10:24 AM

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