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well the other shoe dropped, so to speak, on our project. our client would like to have a forum as well as some other minor features to add to the list of components for their site. so the somewhat obvious choice was to drop .text and move on to community server (which is co-authored by the same feller who wrote .Text). We actually had the chance to conference call/Live meeting with Alex Lowe and Scott Watermasysk, the principal developers. Nick was able to dig into the api a little with them. It seems pretty likely that we'll develop around their api rather than implementing the portal. Nick really has his work cut out for him on that. I continued working with Sql2k DTS packages today. Was able to finish up the FTP retrieval process for the amg foxpro databases. I have to find a decent extraction tool that will let me unzip the files to a single folder rather than parsing them into the amg subfolders. shouldnt be a big deal..mainly google work. i might even try to get some sleep tonite. might. Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2005 3:32 AM | Back to top

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