More on Sharepoint V3

[Via Darren Niemke] - And with a name like that how can he go wrong? :)

An interesting list of some of the new feaures is available here.

Last year, I blogged here about some of the new features coming in Sharepoint v3. What I found interesting about this list is that it includes a number of features relating to CMS. There was a rumour over 12 months ago that Sharepoint and CMS would be merging (after the two product groups moved into the same building on the Microsoft Campus), but it has only been the last 3-4 months that we have started get some concrete details. Between the CMS features in the Office 12  version of Sharepoint and the new BI features in Excel 12 - I for one will be interested in having a look at the Beta 2 version when it is available.

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