January 2007 Entries

Analysis Service Performance Tuning Whitepaper has been released
I'm guessing most of you that read my blog also read Mosha's or Elizabeth Vitt's so you may have seen this already, but if you don't read either of these blogs (and you are into Analysis Services) then you have two things to do after reading this. Download the SSAS 2005 Performance Tuning Whitepaper that they both just blogged about here and here Go and subscribe to their blogs :) ......

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OT: Tagged - 5 things
I've been tagged by Thomas Williams in the "5 things that people don't know about me" meme that is going around So here is a random 5 things that most people that read this blog would not know about me. I'm a ChristianI go to One Community Church (the website is not much - but I am working with them trying to get that sorted out) I did not do a Computer Science degree at UniversityI went to RMIT and completed a degree in Industrial Design. (Product Design) This may seem like a change of direction, ......

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SSAS: New ASSP Function - ListFunctions()
I just added another sample to the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project. The following text is copied from the Wiki documentation which I just updated. This function is not currently available as part of a compiled release, but it is available from the source code repository, so you can download the code and compile it yourself. I also have a Powershell based variation of this proc which was actually how I prototyped the technique. I plan to polish up the rough edges of that script and post ......

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