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September 2006 Entries

Another sign of the Apocolypse: Screech Sex Tape

Dustin Diamond, the guy who played Screech on Saved By The Bell, is...wait...sorry...I just got a bit of throwup in my mouth...ok...I think I can type this...Dustin Diamond is releasing a...sorry...gagging...OMG, I think I'm going to be sick... Ok...deep breath...DUSTINDIAMONDISREL... It's called "Saved by the Smell" Seriously. Check out the article here. D ......

I'm Not an Adult Yet!!!!

How do I know? Because I can hear the sample ring tone found as part of this article!

Ha! Take that 30th birthday!


Optimal Age for a Gamer

This is so true! HA HA HA...ha ha...heh...hrm...<cry>.

Mac Menus - Getting Tabbed Browsing in Safari

So I wanted to get Safari's tabbed browsing working, but all the articles I read said to just "go to Preferences in the Safari menu". What menu?! There's no menu at the top of the Safari window. I thought maybe I had to right-click somewhere on the screen to bring it up, but no. Maybe it was one of those freaky Mac keyboard shortcuts, like Control+Option+Tab+O+K. Then I looked up. In the Mac world, there is only one menu...the uber-menu, and its always at the top of the screen - seperate from the ......


Ok, so my Mac has finally come home! I'm waiting for my final hard drive to ship, but in the mean time I've got a loaner and we're just going to swap drives and move the data. So far so good...no crashes or anything, and best of all: WoW DOES have a Mac installer on the disk, so I don't need Bootcamp on my machine! w00t! The only thing is that there are subtle differences in shortcuts in WoW...I can't loot anything by doing a right click...but it was late and I had work to do so I didn't explore ......

While real technical issues are solved on Windows Forums...

Here's what the Mac people post about.

Actually...I think we should try this game. I'll start:

Donald Belcham...



Fun Things At The Airport

You're at the airport, or better yet on the plane, and you want to have a little fun. Just load up the flash file linked below and let the good times roll*!

Airport Fun Link

*D'Arcy Lussier is not responsible for any charges laid from using above mentioned link at an airport.

Mac Update: It Wasn't Me!

So my new logic board got to the shop today, and they installed it. When they booted up my machine they actually got the question mark (which I believe means that it just can't find the hard drive). However, it seems the new logic board is only part of the solution. The hard drive will now not mount to anything at all. Even when put into an external casing and connected to another machine, it doesn't show up. Not good. So now I'm waiting on the hard drive to be shipped because... Mac Lesson: You ......

Nerd Punk

Words cannot express...click the link here. Make sure to check out the Space Camp Song.


Smallest XP Computer?

Very kewl looking product on the OQO website. I don't know that its a true mobile replacement though...if it support telephony, then damn straight it would be on my list. But it doesn't...its not the same as a smart phone. It has wi-fi and bluetooth, but without a phone component its just a very small computer with a small keyboard, tablet pc os, and no mouse. I'm sure there are definately places where this would be useful though...show-floors where salespeople need to have access to information ......

I hate dreaming that I'm living

So over the past couple of weeks I've been averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night...just busy with life I guess. So last night I crashed...was in bed by 8:30, slept right until 7ish this morning. But I still feel a bit tired...I think its because in my dream, I was pretty much living through a full day...yes, its another edition of What D'Arcy Dreamed Last Night There are three main pieces that I rememeber. The first piece involved my bike. Now, in reality I screwed up my new bike's handlebars ......

The Benevolent Atlanta Falcons

I watched with tears streaming from my eyes at watching the game last night. Not because the Falcons lost, but because of the obvious love and emotion they felt for the city of New Orleans and its fans. They realized that life was more than just an extra increment in the win column, no, life was about family and friends and life, and life was what New Orleans needed most. I can see Jim Mora telling his team in the locker room "Guys, tonight we have the opportunity to be selfish, or we have the opportunity ......

The Madden Curse Strikes Again!

Mua ha ha! It happened again! Shaun Alexander is out indefinately according to this ESPN article (3-5 weeks according to others), but what's more interesting is that the curse of the Madden cover star is being brought to the forefront yet again. The list below is from the article, where they show what's happened to recent cover stars: Shaun Alexander, SeahawksNon-displaced fracture in foot2007 Donovan McNabb, Eagles Sports hernia in first game of season; team divided by feud with T.O. 2006 Ray Lewis, ......

CNN.com - 'Jihad' auto dealer ad upsets U.S. Muslims

Why is it no surprise that a car salesman somewhere came up with this?


Mac Update: Might not be Boot Camp after all...

So I got an update on my Mac. Turns out that one of two things happened: 1) I got a faulty logic board from the manufacturer, and the booting issue raised itself while I was doing the bootcamp thing. 2) Boot Camp can seriously f*ck up your Mac in horrible ways. There's always a risk that beta software may cause dataloss, but there's no reason why it should cause hardware failure. So I've got a new logic board coming from Apple which will be replaced into my machine. What is a logic board? The term ......

Top 10 Worst Portrayals of Technology in Film

Check out this entertaining article about the 10 worst portrayals of tech in film. I'd add a few others: In one of the Lara Croft movies, Lara needs to destroy some computers before leaving with the information she just stole. So what does she do? She shoots the monitors. HA HA HA! Almost as funny as when Owen Wilson threw the computer on the ground in Zoolander and proclaimed "Where's the files?" In Antitrust, there's a bigger technology falacy than viewing code off of cameras. Someone tell me how ......

Cider Providing Mac Portability for Windows Games

TransGaming Inc. is creating a product called Cider that will allow game developers to wrap their Windows-based code in a portability-engine and have them run on an Intel Mac. Very kewl. This means that instead of having two seperate code bases to maintain (one Mac, one Windows), developers and publishers will only need one! Which is great for end users too. I like Parallels, but it won't run games. Boot Camp scares the crap out of me (review my recent blog posts if you don't know why), so this could ......

Learning alot about Mac's...like "RTFM with any Mac Beta Stuff"

So I did a few things bad with my Boot Camp install: First off, you need Windows XP WITH Service Pack 2. I tried to use a Windows XP OEM disk I got with my last PC, but apparantly that's a big no no with BC. Secondly, I didn't update the firmware upgrade. That's really really bad, and I just assumed that I must have the latest since my Mac was so new and factory direct...but no, its gotta be there. Thirdly, I didn't RTFM. I should have, and taken it seriously, as I did read the firmware bit beforehand, ......

Can a Mac POST?

It's early...but visions of getting my Mac up and running are soaring through my head. (And its only 7:03 AM here...my timestamp is wrong on my blog posts...gotta fix that...). Here's a pic of my Mac btw: So a few more observations made before my woes began... Microsoft's Messenger for Mac is very slick. It runs pretty much like Messenger on Windows, and its nice that I don't need to use some third-party app that integrates with MSN instead of just directly accessing the system. Installing programs ......

Me and my Mac...bad first date

So its now official. If you haven't heard already, the guy with the Steve Ballmer shrine has bought an IMac. I really like it...well, until I tried to mix Windows with Apple. But before I get into that, here are my first few thoughts: The Good The mouse is awesome. Many people mistakenly think that its a one button mouse. Not true...sorta. It is a one button mouse, but its sensitive to how many fingers are on it. So if you lift the finger normally used to click on the left mosue button, it simulates ......

It has arrived!

About two hours ago it became official: I'm NOW a Mac user. Pictures to come...


Mac Update

So yesterday my Mac left Rancho Cordova, California at 9:25. It made its way to Memphis at 1:16, and departed at 2:01 today.

The estimated ship date/time is noon tomorrow...oh happy day, oh happy day!


Come Out and Play Festival

This is an AWESOME idea! New York as a playground...brilliant!

Check out the site here!


Chili Peppered

Went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last night...very good show...8/10 I'd say. Why only 8 out of 10? Reason 1: Mars VoltaAs in Mars Re-volt-ing. Wait, that's a little harsh. I commend these guys (who opened the show) for trying something a bit edgier...they were made up of a 7 or 8 piece band, including a sax player. But the music...it just sounded like noise...or that each member of hte band was playing a different song. We actually got up and hung out in the arena concourse until they were ......

Before White and Nerdy it was All About the Pentiums

Lance "My Football Team Sucks" Robinson <grin> posted here about a new Weird Al video called White and Nerdy.

I wanted to give props to a throw-back track from Weird Al about geekyness from a few years ago:

Fun with QVC

This is just classic.

Falcons Week 2: Buc's Get Fed

The Falcons continued their Tour of Victory throughout the NFC South this week with a convincing win over the Tampa Bay Buc's...well, the ones that showed up to play anyway. Vick was Vicklicious as usual, rushing for 127 yards and a TD while Warrick Dunn ran all over his former team. Next week the Tour of Victory visits New Orleans, where the 2007 Superbowl Champion Atlanta Falcons will break the heart of The Big Easy and end the NO Saints winning fluke...er, streak. Dirty Birds 4 Life! D ......

David Weiss: A Tour of Microsoft's Mac Lab

Check out David's blog here to see a tour of the Mac Labs inside Microsoft.

Very kewl to see how they set up their test environment, eventually migrating to 150 Mac-minis.


Apple Mystery Solved...Sorta

Ok, so I think I know what the issue is with my Mac taking so long. I stopped by a local shop to see if they had any of the configuration I wanted in stock, and if so I'd be cancelling my order through the Mac Store. The friendly and informative salesperson told me that with the 20" models, the video cards are soldered to the board. So if you want to upgrade the video card on a 20" model, they need to pull out a fresh mobo and solder the better card on...assuming that said card isn't on backorder. ......

More Apple Delays

I just checked the Apple site to check my order status. It's now been moved to September 26 as an estimated shipping date. Holy crap...maybe I should just check what the pricing is at the local stores here and cancel my Apple order...this is getting rediculous.


New Zero Day Exploit in IE Discovered

File this under "Alternate Defenses": From this article: "Our security research team has observed a new zero day exploit being used to infect systems. Coming from a porn website, this particular one is a vulnerability in VML inside of Internet Explorer." Their solution: "This exploit can be mitigated by turning off Javascripting." Um...how about you just DON'T VISIT PORN SITES?! Geeze... D ......

Apple: Misleading Ship Days

This is letting the cat out of the bag a bit, and I had hoped to have a huge whiz-bang announcement that would blow the socks off of all my friends that think I just go home and worship at my alter to Steve Ballmer, but I need to blog about this annyance, so... I'm buying a Mac. Yes, its true. Mr. Microsoft-To-The-End is going to be surfing the web on one of the machines made by the other Steve. I placed my order for my new 20 inch iMac back on September 7th. As I was customizing my Mac, I was quite ......

Unforgiven: 8/10

WWE Unforgiven was tonight, and it was actually pretty enjoyable for the most part: Johnny Nitro over Mat HardyGreat intro match, although they need to give Mat some new music, new gimmick...something. Malina has nice hair. Kane and Umaga - Double CountoutYeah, this was the "go check on the wings and get more pop" match. Who cares. Randy Orton over CarlitoRandy Orton is by far one of the best talents the WWE has right now. Carlito, although I think he has a stupid gimmick, was excellent in the ring. ......

Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19

Don't forget that Tuesday, September 19th is the International Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

Link to Talk Like A Pirate Day - September 19

Mr. Meaty

Leave it to CBC to come up with a whacked out tween puppet version of Clerks 2. It's aimed at the "Tween" audience, but man, I never had shows like this when I was a tween. I happened on this while looking for serious news articles on the CBC website, and noticed a link to the Mr. Meaty game. If the game is anything like the show, this is a must see: Level 1: You pick your character and you're armed with ketchup and mustard. You traverse through the kitchen of the fast food place killing rats, snakes, ......

Quick CFL Predictions

Haven't done my CFL predictions for a while (since I seem to be mostly wrong anyway :( )

Here are this weeks:

Calgary over Winnipeg
Edmonton over Hamilton
Montreal (OMG, PLEASE Montreal) over BC


CNN.com - E. coli outbreak spreads to 11th state - Sep 15, 2006

Anyone want to start a pool on how long before a news agency suggests this might be a new terrorist plot and that we should all fear buying groceries at the store?


Justice Gray's take on Scott Bellware

Justice Gray posted on his blog recently about some comments Scott Bellware made regarding a soundbite from .NET Rocks stating that "Scrum is a flavor of XP". Justice's point is that Scott is really hating on .NET Rocks because he's folicly challanged, and that he's really jealous of the .NET Rocks team's sexy hair. But there's more to the story than we know. I used my keen skills in Googling to delve into the history of Scott Bellware...to find out who this man is, what is his background, and why ......

I'm Telling Ya Baby...

I need more Wii-Bell!

This is messed up

Seriously...you really really have absolutely positively no idea when your time on this earth is going to be up...ever. I went to college with this really smart, nice kid named Devin. He was in his early 20's (I went to a community college, so my course ranged in age from 18 - 50's), was eager to learn and eager to help other classmates out. Well...he's dead. I have no idea how he passed away, but he's dead. His funeral was Wednesday, and I found out from a classmate who found out from a classmate ......

Justice's World Vision Kid

Justice Gray and his wife have sponsored a child. He has a hilarious first letter to his new little boy on his blog, which you can read here.

Poor kid though...look what he has to look forward to:

James Wall - Let's see how good your service is

There's a local company called James Wall Plumbing and Heating. We need to get our furnace cleaned up, so I called today after browsing their website. I was given a date of the 21st, but I asked about their Saturday service which they mention here. She says that they don't do Saturday service. Huh? Your website says so... But whatever...the website is a little crappy to begin with. But their a heating/cooling company, so what do you expect right? They do alot of radio ads about how great they are, ......

Storyboarding for Team System

 Interesting product using Visio as a storyboarding tool integrated with Team System.

Link to stpsoft - the software requirements company

Things not to do when saratonin levels are weird...

Don't listen to Mathew Good...well at least the pre-White Light Rock and Roll Review (that one's more angry than depressing..Avalanche will seriously f**k you up though). Don't take your car into the shop for anything more than an oil change, otherwise you'll be wondering why you don't just buy a new vehicle since you're putting enough money to cover three months worth of payments down to replace a water pump, and you're told that there's another piece that will cost $1200 to replace in the near ......

The Microsoft Fallacy

Found this on Nadyne Mielke's blog, talking about the Microsoft Fallacy. She comments, as a member of one of the smaller teams in the company, the business reality from inside Microsoft (yes, their business units have budgets and no, they don't have free reign to a money making machine in the basement). But...why am I reading a MacBU person's blog...? D ......

Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7

Someone pointed out that my blog rendered improperly in IE 6. This was odd, as I hadn't heard anything about it. I recently posted using LIveWriter's Blockquote feature, but my blog rendered fine in IE7 and Firefox. Once I took the blockquote out of my post though, IE 6 rendered fine as well. Interesting... So I haven't put too much time into reasearching, but I did find this article about CSS compatibility with IE 7, and it talks about some of the differences in how IE 7 renders things...which scares ......

A Geographical Education for Americans

You should definately check out this Joystiq article about Castle Crashers, which could be one of the best games every on XBox Live Arcade. However, I must raise my ire at a comment made in the article about rules concerning who can post in a contest for a CC shirt. And I quote: The contest is limited to US entrants only, mainly because we don't want to ship anywhere else WTF?! I think its time that we reminded our fellow American friends that shipping to countries BORDERING you isn't all that much ......

Falcons Week 1: Carolina Spanked

I'm sure many of you who picked Carolina's defense thinking you'd gotten the powerhouse of the NFL must be collectivly scratching your heads asking "WTF?!" But do not dwell on this loss. No, for it should have been obvious to everyone that not even what mere mortals consider to be the "best" defense would be no match for the potent high powered offense of the 2007 Superbowl Champion Atlanta Falcons! Over 370 yards total offense, with more than 250 of those yards being ground out by Warrick Dunn and ......

Great Montreal Restaurant

If you get a chance, check out Samiramiss in Saint-Laurent (Montreal)! Great Lebonese food (we don't have that type of grub in the 'Peg).

Check out the location details here.


Bad Restaurant Experience

I love the restaurant business. I've always said that if I could work 9-5 for the same money as IT, I'd do it as a career; but that's not the reality of the business. Working with some national chains though, I have a pretty high standard when it comes to restaurant cleanliness. It irks me to see the McKid filling my cup with ice by scooping the cup through the ice bin (which will scrape some of the wax off the top of the cup into the ice, destined for someone else's drink) or the waitress who runs ......

Joystiq Announcing ... at 12:01 Tonight

Joystiq has this article saying it will have major console news available tonight at 12:01. I'm with everyone else and their dog who posted comments suggesting its Wii news. Interestingly enough, I'll have my own technology announcment sometime next week...


PS3 European Backlash Very Entertaining

I really haven't been following the PS3 launch saga much, but apparantly its not going to launch at the same time in Europe as North American and Japan. This has some Euros a bit steamed. Luckily, when they get steamed, they post humerous images on a website. ThisIsWaiting.com is a site with a bunch of funny pics dedicated to showing Sony exactly what Boris in Eastern Khazikstan thinks of the PS3 delay. My personal favorite is the mock Risk board: I love how on the Risk board Canada is split up into ......

Do you have a Chicken Enchiladas recipe?

My buddy Donald blogged about his chicken enchilada recipe. I followed up by commenting with my own version. Then I thought, how kewl if everyone who ever had a chicken enchilada recipe added their own recipe as a comment to the post! Then it would become the defacto place for people to get their chicken enchillada recipes from, and celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay would end up posting their recieps as well! Mua ha ha! Its viral marketing genius! So anyway, check it out if you want some good eats. ......

Tech Net 06 Tour - Winnipeg

Make sure to register for the upcoming Tech Net 06 tour...well, if you live in Winnipeg...and you're in IT and not the MSDN side of things.

Unforgiven looking Uninteresting

Over the past couple of months, my buddies and I have gotten back into the habit of getting together for a guys night, eating large amounts of M&M chicken wings, drinking enough soda to put us all into diabetic comas, and watching WWE (WWF) pay per views. Upcoming on the 17th is WWE Unforgiven. They have an updated match list, but I gotta say it doesn't grab me by the neck and say "You HAVE to watch this!" Kane vs Umaga: Who cares, they're both big and this won't be a high-flying match. Kane ......

Scramble coming for Xbox Live Arcade!

It's been delayed a week, but the classic side scrolling shooter Scramble will be heading to the Xbox Live Arcade! Scramble and I go back....way back...to like the early 80's, but not in its arcade, color form. That's right, I'm talking Scramble for Vectrex baby! All angled-line based graphics and a color overlay...that system kicked ass! D ......

Sidebar on Justice's Post

Justice Gray's recent blog post mentioned about how slightly-morbidly-obese he was in high school. Just to show a comparison, here are some before and after pictures to showcase his dramatic weight loss, but not hair loss. Before: After: Keep pumping up there JG! ;) D ......

We put WAY too much into celebrity

Front page of the local paper: Croc Hunter Dead!

First inside-page of local paper: Croc Hunter Dead!

Second inside-page of local paper: Canadian soldiers killed by US friendly fire in Afghanestan

I think our priorities are a little messed up here.


The 5 Day Weekend that Felt Like 2

Long weekends are vastly deceiving. I cashed in an extra two days of holidays on Thursday and Friday of last week, to join up with the 3 day long weekend to make 5 days of non-working goodness. But here I am, Monday night, feeling like those 5 days have flown by, or I've jumped through a wormhole and came out 5 days later, or something like that. Day 1 - 2: North Dakota BoundWe took a drive down to Grand Forks, ND on Thursday, staying overnight and coming back on Friday. The exchange rate is really ......

Looking for Citrix/Scanner Insight

We've got some thin client devices running Windows XP Embedded (XPe). These devices will be accessing a server using Citrix program neiborhood. One of the devices connected to the thin clients is an HP 3050 printer/scanner combination. Printing, no problem...got it working. Scanning...now that's an issue. According to WYSE (thin client device manufacturers), in theory scanning should work. But it doesn't...semmingly not without the HP software installed on the thin client, as the scanner needs the ......