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The Return of Justice Gray and What It Means for Our Industry

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 2:24 AM

Nov 19, 2008 is a day that lives in infamy. It would mark the last day that Justice Gray would have any online presence for 6 months…a gap of silence that left the entire technology community collectively asking WTF.

But then in May Justice resurfaced, the absurdity of the SharePoint Knights too much for even him not to comment on. That turned out to be but a teaser, for when July rolled around we saw Justice burst back on to the blogging scene as if he had never left. We were treated to posts such as:


  • An over-zealous attempt to remind us all that regardless of the huge Shopper’s Optimum point balance built on numerous purchases of facial creams, hair products, and Bore facial strips, he’s still very much hetero.


So let’s recap:

- Rampant examples of self indulgence and self proclamation
- Attacks against the establishment and those representing it (read: Microsoft)
- Open about Christian faith and his love for Jesus

Yes friends, this can only mean one thing:

Justice Gray is the Shawn Michaels of our industry.


So what can we expect going forward?

  • Justice will team up with Donald Belcham to do a user group tour of software development best practices, only to end every event by smashing Donald over the head with his green MacBook Pro.

  • In a surprise announcement that shocks and angers John Bristowe and Joey DeVilla, Justice is named the interim Director of Microsoft DPE Canada while they find a permanent replacement for Mark Relph. Justice’s first act is to announce that John and Joey’s Tech Days sessions format will be bra and panties presentations.


Make no mistake: the re-emergence of Justice Gray can only mean more entertaining blog posts, tweets, and tech-related drama for us all to enjoy!



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I'm shocked and appalled. That is all. 7/21/2009 4:10 PM | George W. Clingerman

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