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July 2012 Entries

Dear OO Purists: Yes, the Data Model is Important

My buddy Terry sent this tweet out: I thought I’d write one. In my head, I imagine Terry has had some interesting discussions with some developers, strong OO types sitting with their checkered shirts and Docker khakis, their “Gang of Four” books under one arm, peering down their noses under their 10 year old glasses that they think are hipster but really just make them look like elitist fools from a by-gone era. And so its with this image in my head that I write this blog post, so if you sense a ......

Microsoft WPC 12–Predictions

Let me start by saying I have absolutely no inside knowledge, neither through the MVP program or any other means, that is fuelling what I’m about to write. This is entirely conjecture fuelled by speculation and too much Soporro beer at a fantastic Japanese restaurant tonight. Still, I present to you… D’Arcy’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2012 Predictions!!! So what can we expect to be announced at this year’s WPC? Much more than last year I’m hoping! Last year was sort of encouraging the troops to ......